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Handling Disclosures

Disclosures can be direct or indirect. Most likely a disclosure will be indirect, which can mean the child does not share the details of the abuse without being prompted, or does so in a roundabout way.
If a child does disclose abuse, never forget how hard it is for him or her to tell someone about abuse. It is hard to hear your child has been abused, and your initial reactions may be to not believe or show shock or horror, but it is important to support the child and help him/her to disclose.

Risk Factors for Abuse of Young Athletes

There are several abuse risks in youth sports to be aware of, the largest of these being the sense of trust young athletes, as well as their parents, typically give to coaches. Coaches can often serve as “parental figures” for athletes, and the more elite level at which an athlete competes, the higher level of trust they typically place in their coach.
  • Organizational
  • Locational
  • Sports Culture

Safe Athlete Tips

Learn to recognize the signs between athletes and coaches.
  • Physical Boundaries
  • Touch Boundaries
  • Verbal Boundaries
  • Emotional Boundaries

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