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Athlete Abuse Organizations

The Army of Survivors

The only national organization supporting child athlete survivors of sexual violence by providing the public with resources, advocacy and education.

The Foundation for Global Sports Development

FGSD delivers and supports initiatives that promote accessible, fair, and abuse-free sport for youth. Their media division, Sidewinder Films, seeks to inspire and educate audiences through films that create a lasting impact, as seen on HBO, Netflix, PBS, and the BBC.

Non-Profit Education and Advocacy for the Movement Arts (NEAMA)

Supporting transformative change toward safer practices in the movement arts (including dance, cheerleading, and gymnastics), through evidence-based education and advocacy, working to identify, address, and prevent abuse in the industry.

US Center for Mental Health & Sport

A non-profit organization developing sports environments that allow for optimum mental wellness by providing virtual and in-person mental health training and resources.

We Ride Together

We Ride Together shines a light on the endemic issue of sexual abuse in youth sports, starting with equestrianism and broadening to every sport, with a mission to make youth and amateur sports safer for all athletes.

Athletes Against Anxiety and Depression

AAAD is dedicated to providing resources to athletes suffering with a mental health battle, including opportunities for free therapy and an online community to share stories.

Athletes for Hope

Educating athletes on their potential to make a positive impact on the world, by connecting them with the causes they care about, and inspiring others to do the same.

Courage First Athlete Helpline is presented by the Foundation for Global Sports Development/Sidewinder Films and the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline.